Thursday, April 14, 2011

Understanding the basics, Understanding Exposure.

Steel Windows  (ISO 200     38mm     f/5.6     1/125sec)
So now that I have my camera, now I have got to learn how to use it.
The first thing I did (as I do whenever I get a new gadget or software program) is go and look up tutorial sites on the internet and on YouTube.
On YouTube I found lots of useful information and tutorials. One set of tutorials I enjoyed was a series of tutorials by Bryan Peterson. I like his energy and enthusiasm and the way he keeps things simple. (very important for someone just starting out in the world of DSLR) Here is the first of his YouTube videos I came across.  

After watching a bunch of his video tutorials, I decided to check out his books. I ordered his bestseller Understanding Exposure (3rd addition) and I must say, it was great. This book truly gave me an understanding of the principles of photography and got me taking better pictures in no time at all. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone starting out in photography. Not only did it give me a better understanding, but with in days of getting the book, I was shooting in manual mode almost all of the time.
What I also like about Bryan’s way of teaching is that he teaches you not just to make correct photos but creatively correct photos (something us artists like very much).

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  1. This book transformed my thinking regarding manually driving the camera. As you say, if your aim at photography is art (as mine most often is), I can't see how at some point you would not want to take more control over your camera.

    I read this book as checked out from my city library; I really think it's worth owning. The mind has a tendency to forget freshly learned insights if there's not a ready source of refreshment now and then. This book is indeed refreshing!