Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photo Competition. Please vote!

Sea Campion, Waterdrops, Me & Reflection  (ISO 1000    105mm     f/13      1/1000sec)
Ok everyone, I am counting on ye! I entered these photos along with 16 others in the series in a self-portrait competition and the grand prize is..... A YEAR OF MY LIFE PAID FOR TO CREATE MY ART....... Lots of good karma, art and blog posts coming your way if i win. PLEASE go to the link and rate it by clicking on the number of stars you feel appropriate. (You will probably be wanting to click on the last one on the right that gives 5 out of 5 ;) )

Checking out the Dewy Drumstick primula (ISO 200   50mm     f/5.0      1/2000sec)
See the whole series of these photos and rate the album by following the link

Inverted Pine drops & Me  (ISO 200   92mm     f/.3      1/160sec)

Thanks, I will also do a blog post on how I took these photos at a later stage.

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